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Request Asset


A Few Tips: Before posting in this thread please use the “Search Tab” feature and if it’s not avaible here at then proceed to ask, if you need help or just starting out, it’s OK to post anyway.

  • Request Any Assets you want
  • Please include links to asset
  • And do say Thankyou
  • Request in “Comment Tab”

If you got any AssetΒ Request post it here. And users will help.

Don’t request two or more Assets at the same time please.

So basically each member is allowed the request one Asset at the time and can only request another Game when his/her previous request is fulfilled.

Before you request be sure you can’t find the Assets here on



Donate Asset


If you want to donate asset to help me, you can email me at donate[at]

Please donate, so we can share all asset together. πŸ™‚

  • In Email Subject “Donate Asset – [Asset Name and version]”
  • Please include links to official asset
  • Please include links to download the zip file, please don’t attach in mail
  • In Zip
    • Asset
    • Pic from official asset
    • link asset
  • And Thankyou very much

Or you can upload zip file from here. Please use it wisely! If it not effective or many abuse I will remove uploading file from here. I trust you guys πŸ™‚


  1. Draymn says

    Hi ..
    I need ultimate fps weapon pack assets please help me .. this is the link!/content/64555
    Thank u…

    1. admin says

      Hi, Draymn
      I right now I don’t have that asset, but I will try to look for that.

      Thanks for requesting asset.

      1. Draymn says

        Hi, admin I need landscape auto material pack this is the link for the asset!/content/64132
        And please try to get ultimate fps weapon pack!/content/64555
        Thank u …..

  2. Sai Kiran Reddy says

    Low poly city pack
    Please upload this and I’ll donate all my assets…
    Thank you..!/content/65047

    1. admin says

      Hi, Sai Kiran
      I still uploading that other asset, after that I will upload your request.

      If you want to donate please read How to donate first. Every asset are welcome.

      Thanks for requesting asset.

    2. admin says

      Hi, here asset you request


  3. Daniel says

    Hi… Please Upload Jelly Cube Starter Kit!/content/42756

  4. Crow says

    Hi, can i request RTS Development Framework ?, Thanks Admin πŸ™‚

    1. admin says

      can you share asset store link ?

      1. Crow says

        here!/content/45789 thanks πŸ™‚

  5. yuse says

    hi, can you upload GameFlow ?!/content/14808, thanks before

    1. admin says

  6. Lina says

    Hi , can i request wordpress login?
    Thanks Admin πŸ™‚

    Link –!/content/15766

    1. Lina says

      Please ignore this request. I cant delete . Sorry πŸ™

  7. Lina says

    Hi , i want to request login pro. Hope you can help . Thank you very much!/content/28842

    1. admin says

  8. Beetle says

    City adventure by beffio!/content/65307

    1. admin says

  9. Momo says

    Hi, can i request Solar System ?, Thanks Admin πŸ™‚!/content/16139

  10. Jumbo says


    my request:!/content/73798

    Thank you so much πŸ™‚

  11. Pain Degaro says

    Hi ..
    I need “Apocalyptic World Part 3: Abandoned City” assets please help me .. this is the link!/content/11395
    Thank u…

  12. Devil69 says

    Hi, nice site to find good assets. I want to ask for a more updated version of Corgi 2D engine since they have added alot.
    Version current on this site is v2.2.1, latest is v3.1.x!/content/26617


  13. Draymn says

    Can I request UBER Shader v1.2?!/content/39959

  14. Aman says

    Hi, admin I need landscape auto material pack this is the link for the asset!/content/64132

  15. jery says

    halo .please i need this asset!/content/60792
    thank for your help.

  16. Ibrahim says

    Hey admin can you try to fine this asset!/content/50114

    Thank you

  17. el fajar says

    hiii pleaseee i need this asset form my project minor!/content/56613
    pleasee help me
    thank you very so muchhh

  18. iyan says

    halo .please i need this asset final ik!/content/14290
    thank for your help.

  19. iyan says

    please give me the asset.
    iam very need the asset to may project.
    you are very good this is the link to asset!/content/27438
    thanks you

  20. iyan says

    please give me the asset.
    iam very need the asset to may project.
    you are very good this is the link to asset
    please give me the asset.
    iam very need the asset to may project.
    you are very good this is the link to asset!/content/70717
    thanks you
    thanks you

  21. Hermeson says

    Voxel Forge!/content/20619

    It can be very useful for my Voxel project, I did not find anywhere so I decided to request here.

    Thanks for help.

  22. Hermeson Freitas says

    Please update Destructible 2D to latest version (Currently 2.1.1), good changes were made in newest versions.!/content/18125

    Thanks Admin πŸ™‚

  23. Nit says

    Would love the POLYGON Samurai Pack if possible!!/content/89551

    Thank you Admin πŸ™‚

  24. Lina says

    Hi admin , i want to request Google Play Game Services Plugin ,
    Link :!/content/8808
    Thanks Admin

  25. Shakir says

    Hi, I want CTS -Complete Terrain Shader.
    Thank You For The Great Work You are Doing

  26. Cancela says

    I would like to thank you first for bringing paid resources so we can use it for educational purpose πŸ™‚ , I really appreciate that.

    can i request updated version of corgi engine , its v4.2 sir .


  27. John says

    [request] highroad engine!/content/73798

  28. Tony says

    I want the Chronos Time Control asset from unity

  29. Tariq says

    Hi sir i really want control freak 2 2.0.5 or higher version there is control freak on this site but it is old version.
    I will sincerely Thankfull to you.!/content/11562

  30. Nadir Ahmad says

    uScript Professional Latest And EasyTouch Nodes for uScript …. Thank U

  31. Aryan says

    Hello, first of all I want to thank you for this great collection of assets. So i really need this Polygon- dungeon pack and i will really appreciate it if you can accept my request.!/content/102677

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